1.5“ / 37 mm Superlamps

For all atomic absorption instruments from GBC, Thermo-Unicam, Hitachi, Beckmann, Analytik Jena, Varian.

Special socket for all instruments
Superlamps of the Elements As, Sb and Se are also available for PSA Instruments!

As Arsen 514803.2 P803S
As for PSA Instr. 514803.2F P803SF
Bi Wismut 514806.2 P806S
Cd Kadmium 514808.2 P808S
Fe Eisen 514826.2 P826S
Mn Mangan 514832.2 P832S
Ni Nickel 514836.2 P836S
P Phosphor 514874.2 P874S
Pb Blei 514828.2 P828S
Pd Palladium 514839.2 P839S
Sb Antimon 514802.2 P802S
Sb for PSA Instr. 514802.2F P802SF
Se Selen 514849.2 P849S
Se for PSA Instr. 514849.2F P849SF
Te Tellur 514855.2 P855S
Tl Thallium 514857.2 P857S
CrCoCuFeMnNi 514873.2 P873S
Superlamp main connection 514800 P200

2.0“ / 51 mm Superlamps

2.0“ / 51 mm Superlamps
For atomic absorption instruments from Perkin Elmer

As Arsen 514803.5 P903S
As for PSA Instr. - -
Bi Wismut 514806.5 P906S
Cd Kadmium 514808.5 P908S
Fe Eisen 514826.5 P926S
Mn Mangan 514832.5 P932S
Ni Nickel 514836.5 P936S
P Phosphor 514874.5 P974S
Pb Blei 514828.5 P928S
Pd Palladium 514839.5 P939S
Sb Antimon 514802.5 P902S
Sb for PSA Instr. - -
Se Selen 514849.5 P949S
Se for PSA Instr. - -
Te Tellur 514855.5 P955S
Tl Thallium 514857.5 P957S
CrCoCuFeMnNi 514873.5 P973S
Superlamp main connection 514800 P200

For using superlamps you need a superlamp power supply. The retrofit is possible too, both internally and externally. GBC and Analytik Jena offers these power supplys already with their superlamps.

Picture 1: 1.5“ Superlamp
Picture 2: 2.0“ Superlamp

Superlamp 1,5" Superlamp 2"