Motorized Pellet Press for frequent use

MP250M motorized hydraulic pellet press

MP250M - motorized hydraulic pellet press

With pressure gauge - recommended for frequent use and die sets from 13 to 50 mm

If you have many applications and a lot of pellets to press, we recommend using our MP250M. The pressure is adjustable by moving the red mark inside the pressure gauge. The pressure will stop once it reaches this red mark and will stay even when turning the press off. This will also make every press process repeatable as long as no one changes this mark. The pressure gauge has a diameter of 63 mm and is scaled at 0,5 tons.


A safety switch prevents from pressing with an opened door and the illuminated emergency stop button is visible even when the light in the lab is low. Internal safety systems prevent overload of the press.


Pushing the green button starts the pressing process and it stops with reaching the predefined pressure. A manual valve releases the pressure gently.


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Technical Data

 Order number


 Size(H x W x D)

 620x290x420 mm

 Width between pillars

 160 mm

 Min. / Max. clear height

 70 mm / 165 mm

 Display / resolution

 Analog, 0,5 T

 Spindle diameter

 40 mm

 Max. way of spindle

 90 mm

 Piston diameter / max. lifting

 100 mm / 25 mm

 Net. weight

 68 kg

 Mains Connection

 230 V / 50 Hz / 250 W

 Manufacturer  Maassen GmbH
 Price 2016 EXW  5.099,00 € *