MP5M – motorized laboratory press with 5 tons max. pressure


With digital readout - recommended for frequent use and small die sets up to 8 mm

This compact laboratory press was especially made for repeatable intense use of small die sets up to 8 mm and pressure below 1000 kg, although it can handle up to 5 tons.

The pressure can be set in 0.01 tons steps at the digital display. The predefined pressure is saved even when you switch off the press. The small pump inside starts working by pushing the green button and the blue one releases the pressure gently until the piston is back in his resting position. A manual release valve is available as an option. A safety switch at the front door also prevents pressing with an open door.

Technical Data

 Order number


 Size(H x W x D)

 400x313x320 mm

 Width between pillars

 150 mm

 Min. / Max. clear height

 35 mm / 125 mm

 Display / resolution

 Digital four digit, 0,01 T ( =10 kg)

 Spindle diameter

 35 mm

 Max. way of spindle

 90 mm

 Piston diameter / max. lifting

 100 mm / 25 mm

 Net. weight

 40 kg

 Mains connection

 230 V / 50 Hz