MAASSEN Press Die Sets for Lab Presses


High quality pressing tools are very important for good results of pellets. Now, we have found a way to make pellets faster and easier as before! There is no need to mount and dismount heavy Die Sets again and again, just to press the pellet out of the Die Set. It was never easier or faster to get high quality pellets!

Our Die Sets 13 … 50 mm are all made of aluminum and stainless steel have a unique simplified handling:

  • Fill the Die Set as usual, put the plunger on top and start pressing with your lab press.
  • After releasing the pressure: instead of taking out and dismounting the Die Set, just simply pull out the bottom slider and with some smooth pressure, the pellet will fall down
  • Done!

And when using the Die Set upside down, it is more comfortable and faster to handle: push out the pellets without any vibrations or damage. Useful if the pressed material could otherwise easily break.

There is also a combined set of 32 and 40 mm available in a black protection case.


Press1 Press2 Press3 Press4


Our Die Sets for 3, 5 and 8 mm pellets are also very easy to handle, small and efficient. They can be connected to a vacuum pump if combined with any 13 mm die set. We use a special hard metal (90 % tungsten carbide and some cobalt, iron-free) for the press pins to get the needed stability.



All our Die Sets are completely designed and made in Germany!



5 mm PWZ


  • The mentioned handling is available for all die sets from 13 to 50 mm A wooden box is included with the 13 mm set for safe storage (optional available for 32 and 40 mm).

  • You can easily combine the 32 mm and 40 mm die set, because they use the same base

  • All die sets (except 3, 5 mm and 8 mm) have an adapter for easy connection of the vacuum hose

Part number


 Max. Pressure


 3 mm die set with hard metal press pins

 1,5 to


 5 mm die set with hard metal press pins

 4 to


 8 mm die set with hard metal press pins

 6 to


 13 mm die set in wooden case

 10 to


 13 mm die set with hard metal in wood case

 14 to


 16 mm die set Maassen

 20 to


 20 mm die set Maassen

 24 to


 25 mm die set Maassen

 30 to


 32 mm die set,wooden case optional

 30 to


 40 mm die set,wooden case optional

 40 to


 Combined set 32 and 40 mm in plastic case

 30 / 40 to


50 mm die set Maassen

50 to

For all sizes, there are spare press plates (Set of 2 pcs.) and spare - O-rings available.

Older versions of Die Sets


Beneath the Maassen Die Sets, we can still offer the prevoius version (3rd party) Die Sets to cover the rare sizes:

press5_acdc589284.jpg press6_62ad112962.jpg

 Part number


 Max. Pressure


 6 mm die set standard

 2 to


 10 mm die set standard

 7 to


 35 mm die set standard

 30 to


 13 mm Pellet holder


 O-ring Set for die set


Vacuum pump

Especially if you want to make KBr pellets, we recommend to use a vacuum pump to get clear pellets. Our vacuum pump is suitable for all our press die sets. 

Part No. 54VP2000    Vacuum pump, small and powerful, for all die sets