Cleaning your vessels with acid or purified water


Cleaning for trace analysis! Contaminated vessels, beakers, glass flasks, etc. are disposed to hot steam from, distilled water or nitric acid. This way of cleaning is much better than just to wash the vessels:

  1. highly effective rinsing with hot steam

  2. saturation of the vessel wall with ions of the cleaning solvent.

This reduces adsorption effects from analytical solvents at the wall from the cleaned vessels.

Cleaning and preconditioning for all kind of vessels, made of glass, quartz and Teflon PTFE/PFA, ceramics and borosilicate glass.


Benefits and features:


  • leaches metallic ions from the surface of vessels using water or acid vapour - eliminates measurement errors caused by vessel contamination.

  • vessels are continually flushed with fresh acid – contaminated acid will not be reused so you always have the best result. Contaminated acid gets led into the container and can be cleaned again by using one of our acid cleaning systems.

  • whole cleaning process can be monitored including the acid level

  • top access to cleaning chamber - easy to handle.

  • no cooling required - saves water consumption.

  • large capacity - simultaneous cleaning of up to 3 x 1 litre flasks.

  • on special request: up to 49 small vessels can be cleaned at once

  • Glass parts are made of Duran glass

Description of ADA-1:

The heating element is a modified Ceran heating unit. A glass bowl with a PTFE system plate and glass cylinder is placed on this heater. The glass bowl can be filled with distilled water or clean acid through a funnel in a hole at the side of the PTFE system plate. Steam tubes have to be stuck into the system plate so the vessels put on the steam tubes can be cleaned with steam. Condensed steam is led into a collecting container. Contaminated acid can be cleaned, e. g. with our Subboiling System Eco IR, to use the acid again. The whole unit should be placed under a fume cupboard.

The water / acid container can take up to 3 litres and with the included timer, the ADA-1 can run several hours.
A variety of steam tubes is available. The user can easily change the configuration from max. 3 x 1 litre flask to 10 x 100 mm flasks or other combinations. Unused steam ports have to be closed with glass stoppers.


Steam pipes:

Besides the three standard steam tubes, we now offer modified tubes including movable ring made of PEEK, for beakers up to 88 mm dia.
Special sizes on request possible!




total height:                 72cm
total width:                  32 cm
total depth:                  42 cm
max. height f. flasks:  44 cm
inner dia:                     29 cm