Test- and Calibration-glasses

for UV-VIS Spectrometer and VIS-Photometer

Neutralglasses and wavelengthglasses with engraving and certificate number available, for 1 cm Holder.

Test1 Test2

Gerneral information and description

With these test glasses, the user can check the main parameters of his spectrometer both quickly and safe. This can be daily routine or it can be done with the quality management program to avoid mistakes in the measuring parts. It can also be used to internal recertify after service and to train new ones in the use of UV-VIS spectral photometers, easy and fast. All test glasses have the size of a 10 mm cuvette and fit in most instruments. A wooden box is protecting the glasses from dust.

There is also a secondary certification against a NIST Standard Type 930D available. The measurements are done with a double beam high performance spectrometer with double monochromator.

Older Spectrometers with analogue electronics sometimes have errors in the linearity (instead of new digital ones). Generally you can test the instrument's VIS wavelength range. Apart from the extinction test, you can check more values as there are reproducability, relative standard divergences and dispersion.

The mainly specified values are showed at 6 wavelengths between 440 – 635 nm, according to NIST because this range is relatively flat and wavelength deferrals are no factor. If needed, we can also show the values at different wavelengths. The glasses can have an extinction between 0,07 and 1,6 nm +/- 2.5% tolerance. If a higher difference is detected, we recommend to do service for the instrument. We recommend re-certification every 2-4 years.

NEUTRALGLASS Type 1 Extinction: ca. 0.07 5821105
NEUTRALGLASS Type 2 Extinction: ca. 0.2 5821101
NEUTRALGLASS Type 3 Extinction: ca. 0.6 5821102
NEUTRALGLASS Type 4 Extinction: ca. 1.2 5821103
NEUTRALGLASS Type 5 Extinction: ca. 1.6 5821104
HOLMIUMGLASS filter with definied absorption lines ca.245-750 nm 5821151
DIDYMIUMGLASS filter with defined absorption linies ca.350-2500 nm 5821171
SECONDARY-CERTIFICATION for a existing sentence 5821111
ETUI for an inclusion of cuvettes and glasses WOOD 5821001


delivered in a wooden box, NG= neutralglass, Ho=Holmium, Dy= Didymium, DG= doubleglass Ho+Dy

Didymium Oxide Glass

A mixed glass for wavelength controls for the complete VIS and NIR range. Didymium oxide glass is perfect to be used for wavelength up to 3.000 nm. Maximums and minimums are wider but also allow a good control of the wavelenghts.

This can be done with NIR photometers and also with FT-IR instruments as shown on the spectra below. The same manipulations as with the Ho glass can be done, recommended tolerance +/- 0.5 nm. Didymium is a mixture of neodymium oxide and praseodymium oxide glass.

Holmium Oxide Glass

Wavelength differences can lead to huge errors if measured on narrow peaks or flanks. That's why wavelength control over the complete range of UV and VIS is so important.

Holmium oxide glass is perfect to check the UV range with narrow peaks down to 270 nm. When varying the slit size and measuring speed you can demonstrate typical errors.

And also the functions of creating higher derivatives or influence of smoothing and other mathematic manipulations can be shown. If the tolerance is out of range, the instrument should be checked. Recertification is recommended every 2-4 years.

Holmium and Didymium Oxide Double Glass

Two glasses in one bracket: a total spectrum of Holmium and Didymium.

An excellent tool for training on instrument techniques like subtraction of spectra down to the base line. All mathematic manipulations and typical attributes of the system can also be done with Ho-Dy glasses. In particular subtractions and additions of spectra can be explained. Simple mathematic overlay or the difference to the mixed spectrum can be easily shown.

TEST SET 4 pieces NG-0.2-0.6-1.2-1.6 without secondary-certificate 5821009
TEST SET 4 pieces NG-0.2-0.6-1.2-1.6 with secondary-certificat 5821010
TEST SET 7 pieces (5xNG+Ho+Dy) NG 0.07-0.2-0.6-1.2-1.6 +Ho+Dy without secondary-certificat 5821060
TEST SET 7 pieces (5xNG+Ho+Dy) NG 0.07-0.2-0.6-1.2-1.6 +Ho+Dy with secondary-certificat 5821062
TEST SET 8 pieces NG 0.07-0.2-0.6-1.2-1.6 +Ho+Dy+HoDy without secondary-certificat 5821070
TEST SET 8 pieces NG 0.07-0.2-0.6-1.2-1.6 +Ho+Dy+HoDy with secondary-certificat 5821072