MP5MD - Motorized Precision Load Press

Programmable power for small dies


This compact laboratory press was especially designed for frequent and intense use of small die sets. The small electric hydraulic pump is made for precise load from 200 kg to 5 tons.


The pressure can be set in 0.01 tons steps at the digital display. The programmed load does not get lost when turning off the press. So it is perfectly suitable to reproduce the same press action with the same settings over and over again.


The press starts to work by pushing the green button, the blue button is for decreasing the load until the cylinder is back in his lowest position. The black rotary knob at the top of the metal cover adjusts the pump speed to minimize the overload for best precision and sample protection. The press can keep the load for several hours. If the load drops down to a predefined limit, it will automatically start again.


It also includes a safety switch at the front cover to interrupt the press action until it’s closed.

Technical Data

 Order number


 Size(H min/max  x W x D)

 436/538x370x300 mm

 Width between pillars

 150 mm

 Min. / Max. clear height

 52 mm / 142 mm

 Display / resolution

 Digital four digit, 0,01 T ( =10 kg)

 Spindle diameter

 35 mm

 Max. way of spindle

 102 mm

 Piston diameter / max. lifting

 105 mm / 22 mm

 Net. weight

 40 kg

 Mains connection

 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz