Sample preparation made perfect - Lab Presses made by Maassen

For KBr powder, grounded soil or other materials: if you analyze such samples with X-Ray fluorescence instruments, Infrared Spectroscopy, Calorimeters or others, you need to have a solid lab press with easy handling and a long lifetime. It should be able to produce perfect pellets, handle huge loads up to 25 tons, but it also needs to be small enough to fit on a table.

Then you have to choose our lab presses: solid stainless steel and aluminium construction for best quality, enabling to use a variation of die sets from 3 to 50 mm

Maassen Lab Presses make the difference


  • The hand pump is a special Maassen design, so you need less force for 25 tons load compared to other presses in the market

  • The presses are reduced to essential parts. Therefore we only use the best material qualities: high solid aluminium, hardened steel and polished stainless steel

  • All presses can maintain the load for several hours

  • The MP250M is one of the motorized presses with the easiest handling available. It combines a long lifetime with easy operation and it is one of the most popular lab presses now

  • The presses need no special maintenance. Just keep it clean!

  • Options for the digital versions MP150D / MP250D:

    MP-DA1: the serial connector allows to connect the press to your computer and save the data for each process

    MP-S1 / MP-S2: with the digital pressure limiter, you can exactly program the load where the press needs to stop. Further pumping will not exceed this limit, so you can save small die sets from over pressure and make reproducible samples

  • Our presses are completely designed and produced in Germany. So we are able to guarantee the spare parts supply and availability of service documents for many years

  • Every single press is intensely tested to ensure that it matches our high quality standards

  • Certify your load: with the optional Maassen Pressure Certificate, you can be sure about the exact load on your sample

  • The press can be easily separated, single components can be replaced. Spare parts shipment available worldwide

  • For individual needs, we are able to modify the press in some ways, like splitting it in two parts (for glove boxes) or adding a remote control


Safety Features


  • Limited cylinder movement with a spring to pull it back to the lower position

  • Integrated pressure overload protection

  • Clear cover shield around the press unit

  • MP250M: Emergency stop button and safety switch to ensure that the front cover is closed while pressing


Easy Operation

Almost every die set for IR and XRF purpose can be used. We offer a wide range from 3 to 50 mm diameter, for aluminium cups or steel rings. For vacuum connection, the cover has an opening at the back for the vacuum tube.

If you need a die set to operate with our presses, we refer to our separate brochure.

The other pages show pictures, technical data and special features of each version.